Peach Cobbler

Long time no see, blog, I have missed you. What I have missed more is baking something new! I have been busy for weeks doing nothing but whipping up quick batches of things I’ve already made. A few weeks ago, though, I got the chance to take a long weekend in New York City and also got the chance to bake something new. It also managed to be something I have been craving for months: Peach Cobbler!
I put it together from a number of different recipes so I sadly don’t think I can actually list the ingredients and directions for making it, but has a few recipes that seem to be pretty good to work off of. Also, as a recommendation, I used five peaches total in mine and that seemed to be a good amount. I still won’t be able to get back in the swing of baking once a week just because I am in the process of moving and moving again before school starts back up. Once I get a hold of school though Cupcakes on St Marks will be back to it’s regularly scheduled programming.









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